My Journey Thus Far

From an early age I suffered from chronic stomach aches. As a young teen I discovered I had food allergies and sensitivities. That set me on my path to learning about wellness and nutrition.

After I graduated from UC Berkeley, I moved to the mountains and started a goat and sheep farm. I spent the next several years deeply immersed in the agricultural world. I explored, read, visited and listenined to anyone who had something to say about food or farming. I became an activist for share-holder dairies and contributed to local and statewide legislation.

When California legalized the sales of raw milk from family farms, I felt that my time on the farm was over. I packed up and headed back to city life and started a digestion-centric meal subscription business. But with a new baby, getting into the kitchen was a challenge, so I hung up my apron.

I have always lived an active life. When I finally looked in the mirror after 3 years of devoting my time to someone else, I noticed cellulite forming on my thighs. While I pondered my next professional move,  I focused on my self care. I’ve never been a “gym person” but I knew I had to get moving. I signed up for the nearest and cheapest gym possible, after my first zumba class I thought “I could do this.” Buti Yoga was recommended to me as a group fitness class. I found a class 45 minutes away and immediately fell in love. A few months later I became a certified Buti Yoga instructor and started teaching classes.

Buti tapped into my love of dance and movement and gave me a newfound appreciation for the breath work and grounding aspects of Yoga. I followed up with a course on nutrition coaching and a personal trainer certification. When I reflect on the business’s I’ve started and projects I’ve worked on, I see a culmination of this moment. I am here to help others on their journeys to being their best selves through diet, spiritual guidance and exercise. I hope you will let me be a part of your journey to wellness and get in touch.

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