Hi, my name is Molly McGee. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and hold a BS from UC Berkeley in Community and Environmental Health. I’m excited to bring all aspects of my background, including dance, theater, nutrition and activism into my journey as a holistic health coach and mother.

I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned and support you on your wellness journey. I want to help others feel great and live their best life!

I created this site to be a resource and to build community. If you’re looking for ways be more active, eat nutritious food while making friends, you’ve come to the right place. You can start by reading more about me below, check out my class schedule or download a free copy of my nutrition guide.

I love being active

I grew up in a family of artists and performers. My dad, Unique Derique, is a clown and does very physical comedy. From an early age I was performing with him and learning circus arts. We would practice handstands and the proper way to dismount from a two-high. I loved the feeling of being strong and making people smile.

As I reached adolescence, staying active became a challenge. My body was changing and most of the activities I participated in became highly competitive. Recreational gymnastics and noncompetitive sports teams didn’t exist and I am not a competitive person. I didn’t love playing basketball or gymnastics enough to devote all my time to any of them. I felt sad that I didn’t have a community that I could commit to like many of my friends did.

I discovered dance at Circus Camp

Luckily I went to Camp Winnarainbow and discovered a world of dance and movement. I was captivated by the fire dancers moving around the fire circle on our first night. I loved the explosiveness of West African. Moving to drums made my soul sing. My mind became centered as I discovered my new body. I had found something that didn’t feel like a chore to train for, rehearsing was energizing and I was eager to practice.

hat balance

I continued to dance through high school and college. I learned to Samba and Bellydance with snakes, fire and swords. But it became harder to find classes and time as I entered into adulthood. And the struggle to stay active in a fun and social way became more salient.

Defining healthy eating for myself

With a vegan grandmother, I grew up eating whole foods with my family. As a young teen I was diagnosed with food allergies so I started learning more about how food effects the body. I studied nutrition and public health in college as part of my interdisciplinary degree. I was introduced to the principles of traditional diets found all over the world that create nutrient dense food. I immediately felt a difference in my body when I began to follow these principles.

Putting it all together

When I became a mom, my body changed again. I didn’t have the same level of energy and I began to experience chronic pain. That’s when I began to study exercise and fitness. I explored different gyms and certification programs to find something that I could pour myself into. I started with Yoga. To deepen my understanding of the body, I became a certified personal trainer.

My journey started with trying to heal myself and has lead to me on many different paths that I now see as deeply interconnected. As a wellness coach I love to help others understand how the choices they make impact their whole selves.

Holistic Fitness integrates all aspects of  your life so you can live your best life. We are complex beings, where everything is connected, from the food we eat to our lifestyle and choices.  I will help you create a map and set goals to balance your individual needs and make the best decisions that fit your life.052219 Carnival Rehearsal-1

Get in touch with me today for a free 30 minute consultation or check out my class schedule or a coaching program. I look forward to supporting you on your journey to your best self.